Samba Steak & Sushi celebrates the fusion of two exciting culinary cultures. The idea was born during the early 20th century in the bustling streets of Brazil and Peru where thousands of Japanese migrated to build new lives.

There, in the crowded hearts of these South Americans countries, two distinct cultures new collided. Alongside native vendors selling their sweet local fruits and tender grilled meats, young entrepreneurs built food stands and restaurants, introducing their fresh sushi and sashimi. Soon, delicacies mixed and new flavors emerged. These new flavors sang of the nutritious elements of Japanese cooking and the exotic spices and flair of the South American table.

From these culinary adventures a new spirit was born – a spirit that reflected not only the creativity and energy of the thriving cities, but an essence of friendship as new partnerships grew. Samba Steak & Sushi captures this energy and warmth in its innovative dishes and festive décor.

Welcome to Samba Steak & Sushi – prepare for an unrivaled dining experience!